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Advanced Threat Analysis - "A Cyber Early Warning and Reporting System"

The Cyber Attack Reporting  Center (CARC) 

  • Cyber Attack Reporting Server (CARSvr)

  • Cyber Attack Reporting Station (CARS)

  • Cyber Attack Instant Messenger (CAIM)

The Cyber Attack Reporting Center (facility) detects and reports all cyber events searching the worldwide Internet infrastructure in a true “real-time” environment (instantaneous), seeking out “targets of opportunity”. It also employs a "payload analyzer" which instantaneously analyzes IP Protocol and Payload data in order to determine if it contains malicious content. 

The Cyber Attack Reporting Stations (CARS) deployed at customer sites detect and report sources specifically targeting their operational networks (static assets) in a “real-time” environment. The Cyber Attack Reporting Center (facility) and all deployed Cyber Attack Reporting Stations at customer sites work together (inter-linked) via the Cyber Attack Instant Messenger. (CAIM) as one center automatically detecting and reporting cyber events against static assets in a real-time environment. Individual Cyber Attack Reporting Centers, which includes all Cyber Attack Reporting Stations, etc, may be also purchased and serviced. 

 When Cyber Attack Reporting Stations (CARS) are deployed at a customer network, either in front of their firewalls to detect what is attacking, or behind their firewalls to detect what has penetrated, all CARS’s are “linked together” as a single real-time (instantaneous) system, which can immediately update network defense systems, including “Big Data Analysis”, Firewalls, IDS/IPS, and other cyber analysis systems (outside and inside any cloud service or standard network domain). It provides an instantaneous “picture” with true real-time PROACTIVE capabilities, along with “instantaneous information sharing” throughout all CARS’s connected to a Cyber Attack Reporting Server (CARSvr) via our Cyber Attack Instant Messenger (CAIM). All Cyber Attack Reporting Center solutions are protected by our Intuitive Adaptive Firewall.